Who is Luz ?

Artiste photographe d'art contemporain

It is across her photographs that she visits again myths, translates emotions, shocks sometimes, often intrigues, but doesn’t leave uninterested.
An emotion sometimes assaults expressed however with caress and tenderness, by carrying a peculiar look on life and beings, halfway between hallucinosis and erotism, paganism and religiosity, softness and fear, employing a realism carried up to the strange.

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Entre Ciel et Terre

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Coming from a training theatre and attracted by the Nice Arts, LUZ decides very quickly to go to the actuality of the photograph and started like model.

This young woman passes self-educated person then she works for her way behind the camera to retranscribe the stories which emanate from her imagination by leaning on her theatral experience to stage subjects in the middle of compositions halfway between imagining and sensuality.
Naturally, without particular claim, the nonconformism of LUZ is obvious in a very personal photographic art which invites us in worlds where the sexual imagination reigns supreme as if to awaken buried instincts better and as invite the spectator to discover its clean sensitivity.

The artist scenarise her stage design with a predilection for bare in the evocative names: Tragedians, Adam and Eve, Coryphaei …
Also artist Digigraphe (Epson),

Moreover outstanding horsewoman, her passion for the horses brilliantly expressed herself through productions pointed out and which were worth it an exhibition of huge plates in France and in Morocco.
Her engines : listen to her desires, break easy and conventional beauty.

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